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Those who know Michelle know her passion for excellence, systems development and integrity in process. Her lifelong commitment to these passions has developed in her immense skill in supporting other’s journey through the necessary transformations and development required to raise their business to higher levels of success.

You will know Michelle is in the room as her energy and sparkle brighten the way forward and hold a strong focus on getting the progress needed. An intense driver, her desire for her client’s business to grow and develop is tempered by her commitment to working with them so that they develop the internal capacity to maintain and sustain their own success over time.

As a Professional Coach, Michelle is known for being able to unlock the true potential of her clients, allowing them and their businesses to enjoy greater vitality. As a facilitator and speaker, Michelle is an authentic and engaging communicator.

Michelle brings over 25 years of experience to the table, with expertise in health care, technical businesses, team engagement and transformational change. Michelle builds bridges forward with energy, fun, pragmatism and tangible results.

With deep personal commitment to learning and growth, Michelle enjoys the journey of discovery with curiosity, alongside her greatest inspirations, her family. They all live together in South Delta, BC, Canada.

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